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“It’s not like coming to the dentist, it’s more like visiting friends.” 

"I have been a patient of Dr. Overberg for many years. Dr. Julie Overberg and her staff are always very warm, friendly, professional and caring. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends!!" - Jodi

"Stressful to visit the dentist? I still dread going to the dentist after many years and many procedures. The office of Dr. Julie Overberg understands, and takes away my fear and dread. Her of friendly, experienced and compassionate staff eases my fear and makes the experience less stressful. I would recommend this office to anyone." - Linda

"Dr. Overberg and her staff have been wonderful! My son who is Autistic was extremely horrified to go to the dentist, and after multiple visits to a couple dentists not one wanted to deal with him. Julies's office was my final hope, and a success it was! Julie and her staff made my son comfortable and he felt safe while being able to completely resolve all issues he had without him having a traumatic experience! Hands down happy with the service we received! Thanks Julie and her staff for providing exceptional care for my kiddo!" - Ashley

"i have always been afraid of going to the dentist, so I put off having dental work done. Then I met Dr. Julie Overberg and her team! Everyone has been amazing not just with me but with my children too. Dr. Overberg and her team have given me an amazing smile and I know my children will have beautiful smiles too. Thank you Dr. Overberg an team!! Everyone is amazing!" - Bethany 

"Most of my life, I would look down or wouldn't smile openly due to embarrassment. Many of my teeth were baby teeth or simply just missing. I am getting married in October and wanted to feel absolutely beautiful with my smile. I was a long-overdue candidate for a smile makeover. After years of searching for a dentist that I felt would truly want to help me, I saw Dr. Overberg's website and decided to give her a call. I found her extremely knowledgeable, very professional, and sensitive to my concerns. I felt immediately at ease as she discussed my treatment options at length and laid out a plan, both dental and financially. She assured me that recreating my smile through cosmetic dental techniques would have a positive impact not only on my physical appearance but on my confidence level as well. Dr. Overberg's warm personality and skilled personnel helped add trust to the doctor-patient relationship. When you can walk through the door and everyone is just smiling ear to ear and knows your name with your face; that is priceless. That make me feel like they truly want to get to know you, and even gain friendships along the way. 
      Words cannot describe how happy I am with the results of Dr. Overberg's wonderful work. She meticulously prepared my teeth, advising me of each step, and worked tirelessly for the best solution. The quality, naturalness and perfect fit, size and shape are truly remarkable. I now have the gorgeous, radiant smile I always wanted. I look more vibrant and my self-esteem level has skyrocketed. Dr. Overberg has given me much more than a beautiful smile. I feel like I am a whole new person. Having the dental makeover done was the best investment I ever made. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. 
    I recommend her and her team over anyone, any day. I am beyond grateful for the genuine care she has provided to me. I can't wait to smile at my wedding!" - Cynthia